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Fontana Masonic Lodge #653 was chartered October 13, 1927 with the following members: F. B. Williams; J. C. Crossley, W. P. Endicott, H. C. Crossly, A. L. Broiles, J. Jack, O. F. Edwards, W. W. Pickett, E. M. Snyder, C. R. Riggs, G. P. Landon, C. W. Pulley, R. B. Tipton, D. F. Hansen, J. D. Craig, D. R. Chambliss, L. E. Parrish, H. C. Springs, W. H. Randall, N. Nanassy, W. R. Klink, N. Peeker, M. C. Hunter, E. Cowie, C. A. Brittain, E. W. Moody, M. E. Downs, H. L. Larson, J. F. Konold, J. Campbell, H. D. Pierce, H. J. Kreis, F. R. Hutchins, T. R. Macaulay, M. D. Hinshaw, J. W. Strickler, W. Sauerbrunn, G. W. Krick, C. Ebbighausen, and H. S. Barbee. Note that three of the Charter Members have streets in Fontana named after them.

Fledging Fontana Lodge with less than 50 members was just starting to financially get their feet on the ground when the Great Depression hit and Fontana Lodge nearly went under financially, but the Officers of the Lodge came up with several plans that made it easier for the members to pay their dues and the Lodge managed to stay afloat until World War II and the advent of Kaiser Steel.

Even though they did not have many members before World War II, those few members were very active in civic affairs. They were instrumental in the founding of the Fontana Chamber of Commerce and establishing the 'Fontana Days' celebration. Members of the Lodge donated the land for what is now known as Miller Park and also donated funds to assist in building a community swimming pool. After Kaiser Steel was built, many of its employees were from Eastern and Mid-Western steel mills (many of them Freemasons) who joined Fontana Lodge and our membership grew to nearly 400!

After Fontana was incorporated, members of Fontana Lodge became very active in city government with members serving on the City Council, Justice of the Peace, Police and Fire Departments, and various commissions. As a point of interest, four of our members have served as Mayor of Fontana.

Members of our Lodge have also served our country in the military during World War I & II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Operations Iraqi & Afghanistan Freedom. There are no records to confirm, but it is very possible that some of our first memberS could have very well served during the Spanish-American War.


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