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Greetings Brethren,

I’d like to thank you again for affording me the privilege to serve as
Master of our Lodge for 2023. Indeed, it is an honor to serve and lead
from the Oriental Chair and I pledge to give my very best for you, our
Craft, and our communities. Reflecting on our past while looking
ahead to our future, several Masonic values come to mind, but none
more so than that of Charity (which may very well shine the brightest
among them). In the lecture of the Entered Apprentice degree, we
learn that Faith, Hope, and Charity are our direct link to the Celestial
Lodge above through that “theological ladder which Jacob saw in his
vision saw reaching from earth to heaven.” We also learn, “…the
greatest of these is Charity; for our Faith may be lost in sight, Hope
ends in fruition, but Charity extends beyond the grave though the
boundless realms of eternity.”

It would appear then that Charity is the foundation of a True Mason
and reminds us that in our search for truth, knowledge, and wisdom
in our Masonic Journey that we must all be men of action and not
merely words. It teaches us to discharge our duties towards our
Brethren and fellowmen expecting nothing in return; to do unto
others as we would expect them to do unto us, and that dignity and
importance are attached to our labors and those who perform them.
In addition to Faith and Hope, it reminds us that it is by our actions
that we are put right with the GAOTU and reminds us that knowledge
without application is of little or no value.

Brethren, let us all endeavor to give the very best of ourselves every
day in all we say and do wherever that may be. Let us do so with
cheerful hearts expecting nothing in return and allowing our actions
to speak loudly for who we are, what we stand for, and what we are
striving to achieve: becoming better men for the betterment of all
those around us.

With Sincere & Warm Fraternal Regards,
Delmar J. Ramirez, JR
Worshipful Master


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