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Greetings Brethren,

I hope each of you and your loved ones have been doing well and enjoying
the Spring season thus far. Some of you may not know this, but I am of Native
descent and am affiliated with the Serrano tribe, which some may better know
as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. As you make your way to the Lodge,
you may have seen billboards advertising ‘Yaamava Resort & Casino at San
Manuel.’ The word Yaamava to the Yuhaviatam, or ‘people of the pines’,
translates to ‘spring’ but more importantly, it refers to the literal rebirth that
the spring season brings.
The spring season marks a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. Just as the
buds of the plants and trees start to bloom, we too have the opportunity to
blossom and grow in our Masonic journey. Brothers are demonstrating a
rejuvenation of Masonic principles and are putting said principles into action
through service not only to our Lodge, but also Lodges in our district. They are
serving the community through fundraisers while also reaching out to local
non-profit organizations, schools, police, fire stations, etc. in order to identify
projects our Brothers can assist with (e.g., beautification & restoration of
community buildings, visiting senior centers and spending time with residents,
volunteering as coaches for upcoming sports programs, and more).
Remember, our Lodge thrives on the participation and camaraderie of each
member. So, whether you’re a seasoned Mason or a new-comer just starting
your journey, I encourage you to attend our upcoming meetings and events to
join in the fellowship. Here’s to an April filled with laughter, continued growth,
and making more meaningful connections.
Sincerely & Fraternally,

With Sincere & Warm Fraternal Regards,
Delmar J. Ramirez, JR
Worshipful Master


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